Walmart Truckload Program - Good360


Through the Direct Truckload Program, Good360 partners with Walmart to donate their returned and excess inventory to nonprofits on a consistent basis. Every week, Good360 has full semi-truckloads that can be delivered directly to your location.


You should know about Good360’s Walmart Truckload program.

Walmart truckloads can include almost anything you would find in a Walmart storeexcept foods products. Most loads have a wide assortment of categories such as: 

  • Health & Beauty  
  • Paper Goods  
  • Home Goods & Kitchen Items 
  • Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry  
  • Automotive Care 
  • Baby & Toddler 
  • Electronics & Office  
  • Bedding & Linens 
  • Pet Care (including pet food) 
  • Toys  
  • Lawn & garden 
  • And more! 

Because of the diversity of products and the manpower needed to take in this type of donation, nonprofits with a variety of needs benefit the most from these truckloads. Organizations that typically receive Walmart donations include:

  • Community resource centers
  • Homeless and transitional shelters
  • Churches and ministries
  • Rescue missions
  • Veterans’ homes and shelters
  • Nonprofit distribution centers
  • Food pantries

Request more information about the Walmart truckload program.

To receive Walmart truckloads, your organization must be an approved member of our Direct Truckload ProgramComplete the form below to have a member of our team contact you with further details.