Year in Review: Good360 Crosses the $2.5 Billion Mark in 2022

01.18.2023 Blog Posts

Good360’s 2022 Impact

In the startup world, a “unicorn” is a company that manages to make itself worth a billion dollars. A “double unicorn” is deemed to be worth $2 billion.

In a sense, Good360 has reached double unicorn status, even though our work is in the nonprofit sector. In 2022, we distributed more than $2.5 billion in needed goods to communities all around the country and the world.

This milestone represents huge growth from 2019, when we distributed $330 million in product. We crossed the $1 billion mark in 2021 and doubled down on those efforts in 2022.  

But we’re not just growing for growth’s sake. Every dollar in goods that we distribute goes directly to our network of more than 100,000 vetted nonprofits. As we grow our impact, we’re that much closer to closing the need gap to opening up more opportunities for millions of people.

Good360’s unique model makes it easy for corporations to donate their goods. Rather than dealing with individual nonprofits, companies can simply work with us to facilitate their donations and leverage our expertise in logistics. What we offer is the ability to get the right goods to the right people at the right time—and do it at scale.

In fact, on any given day at Good360, we distribute more than 370,000 items, touching 60,000 people and allowing 465,000 pounds of goods to get a new, useful life—instead of being destroyed or ending up in a landfill.

This work also makes Good360 a leader in terms of sustainability and supporting the circular economy. As we have done in recent years, in 2022, we invested in our logistics and warehousing capabilities to help brands like Amazon and Brooklinen to solve the growing problem of retail returns. This year, we extended the useful lives of more than 13,000 semi-truckloads of goods.

As usual, Good360 was extremely active this year in disaster recovery, supporting survivors in 24 major disasters across 33 states and 6 countries. In all, we touched some 900,000 lives, served 191 nonprofit organizations, and distributed over $115 million worth of needed goods.

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In a sign of our expanding capabilities, for every $100 that Good360 receives, we can distribute at least $5,000 in goods to communities in need. For every dollar that our nonprofit partners receive in donated goods, that’s another dollar that they can put to use in direct programming and helping their communities to thrive. That’s the power of Good360 and our ecosystem of partners, both for-profit and nonprofit alike.

As Good360 sets our sights on our 40th year of service, we look forward to closing the need gap for more individuals and families.

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