Why Good360 is Creating the Largest Shared Warehouse Network in the Disaster Space

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Why Good360 is Creating the Largest Shared Warehouse Network in the Disaster Space


Disasters can strike unexpectedly and with devastating force, leaving communities in disarray and urgently in need of aid. Rapid and efficient disaster response is critical for saving lives, setting up shelter, minimizing property damage, and beginning the work of long-term recovery.

From our experience at Good360 responding to numerous disasters, we know that being able to preposition relief supplies makes disaster response faster, more efficient, and more effective. By storing materials and products in warehouses strategically located around the country before a disaster happens, we can quickly deploy aid to vulnerable regions such as Florida and Kentucky as needed. Prepositioning significantly reduces response times, streamlines relief efforts, and ultimately allows Good360 to make a bigger impact.

That’s why Good360 is creating an extensive network of warehouses dedicated to disaster response on a scale that’s unique in the nonprofit sector. Over the past few years, we have created this network in collaboration with nonprofit organizations such as The Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Services, foundations such as the Center for Disaster Philanthropy, and socially responsible corporate partners, including Amazon, Walmart, Lowe’s and GAF.

More recently, the Center for Disaster Philanthropy awarded Good360 with a $200,000 grant to expand nonprofit access to the most needed products for disaster preparation, relief and response.

CDP’s mission is to mobilize philanthropy to strengthen the ability of communities to withstand disasters and recover equitably when they occur. A long-time Good360 partner, CDP shares a similar focus on medium and long-term recovery, as well as ensuring disaster giving is being done more equitably. As such, the organization has given Good360 a number of grants in recent years to help achieve these goals.

Good360’s warehouse disaster project is helping to build resiliency in areas where underserved populations are most vulnerable to extreme weather events, which we know are happening with greater frequency and ferocity. “says Jim Alvey, Vice President of Disaster Recovery at Good360.

As we have built out this network to better serve nonprofits and communities in their time of need, Good360 has developed several successful models of engagement:

Partner with nonprofits: In recent years, we have collaborated with nonprofit partners to share warehouse space to allow prepositioning of needed goods in their facilities. We also allow them to distribute products to other nonprofits as needed, and offer them goods for their own use in exchange. 

We are working with 10 partners across areas most likely to be impacted by disaster, including High Socks for Hope, Salvation Army (Southwest Texas), , New Life Missions (Louisiana), and Global Empowerment Mission (Florida and California). We preposition products that are most likely needed in the early stages of disaster recovery, including blankets, water, nonperishable food, hygiene kits, PPE, flashlights, and generators.

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Partner with corporate donors: Good360 works with numerous retail brands and logistics companies who are the backbone of our donation programs. As you can imagine, most of these companies have access to large warehouses where they store inventory and other supplies. While not every company is able to donate warehouse space for nonprofit purposes, we have been able to forge high-impact partnerships with several organizations.

Our initiative with GAF, the largest roofing manufacturer in North America, is a prime example. In 2021, Good360 expanded its longstanding partnership with GAF to build out a warehouse facility to provide disaster relief support throughout the vulnerable Gulf region. Located in Mobile, Alabama, the GAF + Good360 Community Redistribution Center serves as a hub enabling Good360 to rapidly respond to disasters by sourcing highly needed goods and distributing them through a diverse network of local nonprofits.

As part of this partnership, GAF is offering its 60,000 square foot warehouse rent-free, while the facility is operated day-to-day by Rehovot, a community outreach organization that is part of Good360’s nonprofit network. The warehouse allows Good360 to store a large amount of building supplies such as shingles and lumber required for rebuilding homes post-disaster.

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Partner with municipalities: Good360 works closely with municipalities and other governmental agencies while responding to disasters. We are able to share intelligence, volunteers, transportation, and other resources to more effectively meet the needs of survivors on the ground. By incorporating city and county governments into our warehousing strategy, we can now work together to respond even faster and better to disasters.

Most recently, we partnered with the city of Maysville and Mason County in Kentucky to create a warehouse facility in Maysville. The location is ideal for Good360 because of its proximity to warehouses of corporate donors, the availability of a strong labor force, and access to rail, road, and air transportation corridors.

Unfortunately, Kentucky is a strategic location for another reason: It’s seen more than its fair share of natural disasters (tornadoes and floods) in recent years. Since a devastating EF-4 tornado touched down in Maysfield in 2021, Good360 has been assisting surviving families there.

In another example, Good360 has partnered with Disaster Relief by Amazon, government agencies, and local nonprofits in Fort Myers, Florida, to create what’s known as a multiple agency warehouse, or MAW, to enable faster disaster response in the disaster-prone region.

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By building out our capacity for warehousing and distribution, Good360 is making an investment in disaster response that will pay dividends for years to come. As we continue to face the increasing challenges posed by climate change and the unpredictability of natural disasters, it is imperative that we prioritize collaboration to find solutions.

Nonprofit organizations or a corporate donors who interested in participating in Good360’s Disaster Recovery program can contact Good360 here.


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