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Why Join Good360?

  • As a member of Good360’s Circle of Good, you can get donated goods like school supplies, diapers, toys, furniture, clothes, computers, and more delivered right to your organization.
  • By leveraging our 37-year track record, deep logistics expertise, and strong relationships with socially responsible corporate partners, we can source and distribute a wide variety of highly needed items. Since our inception, Good360 has distributed more than $9 billion in goods to nonprofits like yours.
  • Good360 helps you save money so you can increase your impact and do even more good.
  • Whether meeting day-to-day needs or helping in disaster recovery, we deliver goods that transform lives and provide hope and dignity to those in need.
  •  Join Good360 for free and find out why 90,000+ other nonprofits are part of the Circle of Good!

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Welcome to the Good360 Circle of Good!


As part of the Good360 Circle of Good, you get access to product donations that can help you deliver on your own local (or global!) mission. Whether meeting day-to-day needs or helping disaster-impacted communities, we deliver goods that transform lives and bring hope and dignity to those in need.

Get access to product donations
from hundreds of top donors


Online Donation Catalog

Browse hundreds of donations in our online catalog and have them shipped directly to your door. New donations are added almost every day.


Local Retail Donations

Get matched with a local retailer to receive either one-time or regular donations of clothing, toys, home goods and other needed goods.


Truckload Partnership Donations

If your nonprofit has warehouse space, consider having semi-truckloads of donations like home goods, furniture and general consumables delivered directly to you.


Community Redistribution Partners

We team up with community-based nonprofits who can receive large quantities of goods into their warehouses and distribute them to nonprofits locally.


Disaster Recovery Efforts

We ensure that the needs of impacted communities are met in a timely manner throughout the full recovery process by ensuring the right goods are delivered to the right people at the right time. 


Ready to become a Good360 Member?

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Already a member? Good360 is here to help nonprofit partners make a greater impact in their communities.

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