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Why Join Good360?

Make Your Budget Go Further

By sourcing product through us, your nonprofit will be able to maximize its donor dollar to better serve your mission and close the need gap in your community!

Get The Goods You Need

As a Good360 member, you can source donated goods like school supplies, diapers, toys, furniture, clothes, computers, and more!

The Right Amount of Goods

Whether you need a carton of shoes, a full pallet of toys, or a truckload of apparel, we can provide the right amount of goods for each nonprofit.

Registration is Free

There is no cost to join 100,000 other nonprofits and become a member of Good360!

“Good360 staff are making connections with national organizations that provide us so many items that we would never be able to access without them. We’ve been a partner with Good360 for over 35 years and they’ve never stopped making a difference for our community with all the products they make available for us. The staff of Good360 work hard to build relationships with retailers that benefit hundreds of thousands of people across the country that they don’t know or will ever see.”

– Mark Stump, United Way of the Plains

Membership Benefits


Online Donation Catalog

Browse hundreds of donations in our online catalog and have them shipped directly to your door. New donations are added almost every day.


Truckload Donations

If your nonprofit has warehouse space, consider having semi-truckloads of donations like home goods, furniture and general consumables delivered directly to you.


Local Retail Donations

Get matched with a local retailer to receive either one-time or regular donations of clothing, toys, home goods and other needed goods.


Community Redistribution Partner

We team up with community-based nonprofits who can receive large quantities of goods into their warehouses and distribute them to nonprofits locally.


Palletized Donations

We provide the right amount of goods for each nonprofit including palletized donations from select corporate partners. This includes bulk donations on a single pallet or less-than-truckload shipments of multiple pallets.


Disaster Recovery

We ensure that the needs of impacted communities are met in a timely manner throughout the full recovery process by ensuring the right goods are delivered to the right people at the right time.

Membership Levels

1Artboard 50

* Denotes additional paperwork and approval is required to access certain types of donations and membership levels

We’re Closing The Need Gap

The need gap is as wide as ever. And no one knows that better than our nonprofit network. In a world where there’s more than enough to go around, our nonprofit partners serve communities that find themselves without enough to get by. That’s why we work to help them close that gap, between people in critical need and the future they deserve.


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