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08.09.2021 Blog Posts

It’s impossible to operate a modern-day nonprofit organization without leveraging technology.

Technology allows nonprofits to efficiently manage a myriad of essential tasks, including communications, marketing, grant development, direct programming and, of course, fundraising. 

But budgets are perpetually tight in the nonprofit sector, so getting your hands on up-to-date technology may not always be within reach.

This is where Good360 can help. From time to time, our corporate donors are able to provide technology products, mostly hardware and electronic devices. These tech donations are available to all qualified nonprofits that are registered members of Good360 (registration is free).

Here is just a sampling of technology donations you may be able to get through Good360, depending on availability:

PC laptops: These refurbished laptops from various name brands have everything you need to get online and perform basic computer work. They have built-in webcams and include enough storage and power to run most software programs. Best of all, they come included with a Microsoft Office software package to run Word, Excel, OneNote and PowerPoint. Assurant is one Good360 partner that has generously donated laptops as part of its Assurant Cares: Tech for Good program. Laptops have supported homeless students, women in domestic violence shelters and a wide variety of individuals lost in the digital divide.

WiFi Systems: This includes scalable and flexible “mesh WiFi” systems that blankets the home or office in fast, reliable coverage. It replaces the traditional router. Mesh WiFi provides more coverage than a traditional router by using multiple WiFi points together to create a connected system that provides a strong signal.

Wireless Bluetooth earbuds: True wireless earbuds give you the freedom to talk, listen to music, and take phone calls with high-quality audio. These state-of-the-art earbuds come with a compact charging carrying case which is perfect for everyday life. With no tangled cables, these earbuds stay put while giving great quality audio. They’re also excellent for students who are juggling school work in hybrid learning environments (online and in-person) while having active lifestyles.

Infrared forehead thermometer: These no-touch thermometers are designed for detecting adult and children’s fever at home, clinics, physician’s offices, schools, daycares, and work. They feature a fever alarm and a color, back-lit display. CVS Health and CarMax have provided donations of these products for Good360 partners.

Office equipment: In addition to laptops, we also get the occasional shipment of refurbished computer monitors, keyboards, printers, routers and tablets. We work with a professional refurbishing company to ensure quality and provide a warranty. Beacon has provided donations of repurposed and refurbished tablets to help a variety of Good360 nonprofit partners.

Software: Other than Microsoft Office which comes bundled with most of our laptops, we do not currently provide access to software for the most part. However, many software companies do offer discounts for nonprofits and charities. Refer to these lists from TechSoup and Nonprofit Megaphone for the best online services you can get at a discount or even free of charge.

As we mentioned earlier, what we can offer in terms of tech donations depends on what our donors can give throughout the year. Here are some quick tips for positioning your nonprofit to get the most in-demand tech donations from Good360:

Become a Good360 member: Remember, only nonprofits that are registered with Good360 can access our donations. If you’re not already a member, learn about all of the benefits that we can offer here.

Check our online catalog often: Our inventory of technology donations changes frequently. And, as you might expect, the best tech goes fast. It pays to check our online catalog often, paying particular attention to the “Electronics, Office & School Supplies” category.

Budget accordingly: To help defray the cost of handling and shipping donations, Good360 charges nominal admin fees. Since tech donations are one of our most in-demand items, you may not have a lot of time to make a budget request from your executive team or board before the donations are snapped up. Plan ahead of time.

At Good360, we invest in technology ourselves to ensure that we get the right products to the right people at the right time. So, we know the critical role of technology in running a nonprofit organization efficiently. That’s why we’re always striving to give nonprofits better access to needed goods, including technology products.

If you are a company with an inventory of computers and other technology products that you would like to donate, please read our blog post on donating tech to Good360, or contact us here.

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