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Good360 would like to share your impact with our donors to show how much their donations made a difference. Simply answer the questions below about a specific donation you received through Good360. If you would prefer to email your story, please provide all your details to



Submit an impact story between November 1st – 30th to be entered for a chance to win $1000 in toys for your community!

Take 10 minutes to complete the brief form below and submit photos and/or video to illustrate how a recent Good360 donation has made an impact on your community! (You may enter multiple impact stories.)
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2 – 4 photos are great, but feel free to send whatever you have. Our donors love to see volunteers, the distribution and use of donated product and the individuals who received the products, where appropriate. Please note that we will be posting these photos on our website and by uploading you are providing us permission to do so.

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