Good360 Provides Relief to People Affected by Maui Wildfires

Jim Alvey
12.13.2023 Disaster recovery

Location – Maui, Hawaii

The wildfires that swept through Lahaina and neighboring communities on the island of Maui marked a tragic event, resulting in the highest loss of life from a wildfire in the U.S. this century. The Pacific Disaster Center (PDC) estimates a staggering impact on 5,500 households, affecting 13,700 individuals, with over $5.9 billion in damages to public and private structures.

Good360’s Disaster Recovery Team is collaborating with Hawai’i Emergency Management Agency, Maui officials, FEMA Region IX, and Hawai’i VOAD to assess product needs. Despite an initial overflow of unsolicited goods, Good360 responded promptly to a direct request from Maui officials for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to safeguard volunteers and first responders working in hazardous conditions.

Collaborating with After the Fire USA, All Hands and Hearts, ISEA, and Healthcare Ready, Good360 identified the critical PPE needs. ISEA members rallied swiftly, pledging over $1 million worth of safety gear and PPE. In total, more than 250,000 individual items, including N95 respirators, high-visibility vests, safety glasses, protective apparel, hand protection, shoe coverings, face coverings, earplugs, first aid kits, cooling solutions, and electrolyte replenishment drinks were airlifted to Maui for an immediate and timely response.

Building on this impactful effort, Good360 is now focusing on creating Aloha (Love, Compassion, Mercy) Kits, which will include essential items like kitchenware, household goods, bedding, and more to transform hotel rooms into longer-term housing solutions. Good360 remains committed to collaborating with local nonprofits for sustained, long-term recovery efforts in the wake of this devastating wildfire.

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Jim Alvey

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