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The Washington Post’s list of Top Workplaces in 2021 is out and we’re thrilled to say that Good360 is among the 200 organizations that have been honored. The winning organizations received the highest ratings from their employees in surveys conducted by the Post and Energage, a Philadelphia-based workplace intelligence company.  More than...

Automotive manufacturing is one of the most resource-intensive industries on earth, requiring large amounts of energy, water, and raw materials to produce each vehicle. Fortunately, the largest automakers have been making big strides toward environmental sustainability. General Motors reports that 52 percent of its worldwide facilities are now landfill-free. Ford plans...

Alexandria, VA, June 21, 2021 -- Good360, global leader in product philanthropy and purposeful giving, has been named one of The Washington Post’s 2021 Top Workplaces in the Washington, D.C. area. Selection is based solely on employee feedback gathered through an anonymous third-party survey administered by research partner Energage, LLC,...

It’s a fact: Poor people are disproportionately hurt by natural disasters. But behind that simple statement is a complex web of factors. There are many reasons why people living in poverty are generally less prepared before a disaster, experience more losses during a disaster, and are less able to recover after...

With hundreds of blazes erupting simultaneously across California, Oregon and Washington, some growing to staggering proportions, the 2020 fire season was the worst on record. Unfortunately, this is a trend that is heading in the wrong direction. Last year continued a decades-long pattern that is producing more frequent and more severe...