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It’s a fact: Poor people are disproportionately hurt by natural disasters. But behind that simple statement is a complex web of factors. There are many reasons why people living in poverty are generally less prepared before a disaster, experience more losses during a disaster, and are less able to recover after...

Warrensburg, Missouri, is a quiet town of roughly 20,000 residents situated between Kansas City and St. Louis, on U.S. Highway 50. It boasts a charming Main Street where the town’s annual Fourth of July parade winds through. During the school year, you’ll find the sprawling 1,561-acre campus of the University...

Open Door Mission, in Rochester, NY, is a Gospel Rescue Mission founded in 1954 committed to breaking the cycle of homelessness and poverty. ...

By Melissa Trumpower Back to School is an exciting time for most families. As summer winds down, children across the country gear up with new clothes and school supplies to begin a new season of learning. For many low-income families, however, that anticipation is couched in stress. According to the National Retail...