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L’Oréal Brings Home Beauty for Mother’s Day

Strength ‘N Me Community Project

Strength ‘N Me Community Project was born out of a desire to directly help more people in need. Sisters Melinda McGee and Monique Boothe used their combined years of experience as nonprofit consultants to construct their own vehicle of change. Their mission is to provide aid for underserved members of the community who are struggling to make ends meet. The organization works with retailers, corporations, and other nonprofit partners to provide free clothing, footwear, toys, food, household goods, and furniture to residents and neighbors in Antioch, California.

Last May, residents were treated to a special Mother’s Day Brunch at Strength ‘N Me Community Project where they received gift baskets that included makeup brushes from L’Oréal. Many of the attendees were multi-generational women who were celebrating together as daughters, mothers, and grandmothers. In addition to the brushes, the women were given a tutorial from a makeup artist on proper application, color combinations, and what products work well together.

The event provided a brief break from all of life’s circumstances and challenges, letting the women feel empowered and beautiful while surrounded by family and others who truly care. One recipient, a cancer survivor who was reluctant to use makeup but bent to her daughters’ wishes, said, “This event gave me the confidence to try more things, even at my age, and to not be so afraid.” She told the volunteers how excited she was to look fabulous for her husband’s birthday party.

Those in attendance were also given grocery gift cards and had the chance to talk with several workforce recruiters about employment opportunities, keeping with the event’s theme of instilling confidence and hope by embracing the support and love within the community. Through their partnership with Good360, Strength ‘N Me Community Project was able to bring smiles, and makeup, to the faces of 25 women – while celebrating their motherhood and beauty.


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