Families Experiencing Homelessness Receive New Tempur-Pedic Mattresses

08.16.2023 Impact Stories

The StoreHouse supports the community by connecting new household and school supplies to their nonprofit and school partners with the goal of reducing poverty and creating a more sustainable future for all in West Michigan. Their onsite 20,000-square-foot warehouse supplies a variety of high-quality products to people in need. As a Good360 Community Redistribution Partner (CRP), The StoreHouse receives large quantities of goods into their warehouses and distributes them to nonprofits locally.

Thanks to a mattress donation from Tempur Sealy International, through their partnership with Good360, The StoreHouse provided a comfortable place to sleep to at least 25 people who were previously without homes. In addition to receiving Tempur-Pedic beds, the StoreHouse also provided sheets and other basic home necessities like towels, personal care items, cleaning supplies, and more, to families in need.

“After the hard work of housing numerous families experiencing homelessness over the last few weeks, we found that some had no home furnishings to bring with them. Some only had clothes on their backs and a couple of bags,” said Jana Routt of United Way Lakeshore, the nonprofit that distributed the goods from The StoreHouse. “This impact is helping to restore the dignity of many who struggled while experiencing homelessness. Thank you to our StoreHouse partners for the support you give. Your work and contributions impact the lives of our struggling, to someday become stabilized and successful members of our community.”


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