Donations from Oakley Provide Florida Youth with New Athletic Apparel

05.11.2023 Impact Stories

The Healthy Earth Org.

The Healthy Earth Organization is a Good360 nonprofit partner that helps young people understand critical environmental issues by providing information and resources that teach new generations how to develop solutions that create positive change for the earth. The organization hosts programs in Southwest Florida’s underserved communities that are most vulnerable to damaging environmental practices.

After receiving various sportswear from Oakley, team members at The Healthy Earth Organization distributed shirts, pants, and socks to more than 100 students in the City of Immokalee in Collier County, Florida, during a recent giveaway event. Falon Tabares, Co-Founder and CEO at The Healthy Earth Organization, describes how much this contribution meant to her neighborhood.

“We have youth camps where the kids learn about the wilderness and the importance of taking care of the environment, all while enjoying fun outdoor activities,” said Falon. “We noticed many children didn’t have appropriate athletic apparel to wear at camp, which impacted their experience. We decided to source proper clothing from Good360 so families wouldn’t have to stress about purchasing new items.”

Many camp participants and their families lost their belongings during Hurricane Ian and had to find new clothes. The Healthy Earth Organization assisted more than 100 families with extra clothing from Oakley to help replace what was lost in the storm.

”For one specific child, because he comes from a home with four other siblings, most of his clothes were hand-me-downs. Hurricane Ian’s devastation only exacerbated that issue since the family lost everything. He was beyond thrilled after we gave him new socks and a jacket. This contribution gave him something of his own that he doesn’t have to share,” Said Falon.

Oakley’s commitment to efficiently building a more sustainable world allowed youth in Southwest Florida to utilize excess sportswear at no additional cost while keeping more product out of landfills.

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