Amazon Donations Help Texas Families in Need

02.01.2023 Impact Stories

Role Models of America

Role Models of America’s (RMOA)mission is to provide support to families in need. As a Good360 Community Redistribution Partner (CRP), the organization sources large-scale donations and distributes the products through smaller, local charities in their community.  

A recent donation helped more than 1,200 people in the community. The donated items included kitchenware, clothing, bedding, toys and crafts, baby care, cosmetics, and home improvement items—all of which were critical in helping members of the community supplement low wages or loss of employment.  

Now, thanks to these donations, families have more flexibility in their budget to afford essentials like gas and food.  

Angie* is the sole provider for her family of four and these donations have allowed her to reduce the number of jobs she has to work in order to take care of her family, giving her more time to spend with her children.  

Carl* had just experienced a sudden loss of income, and he and his wife were helped by RMA. Carl, who is vision-impaired and dependent on his guide dog for steady employment, recently experiences the death of his trusted service animal and companion. Unable to work without his dog, these donations are vital in helping his family make ends meet while he searches for another form of employment. 

Providing essential items empowers the community by exemplifying that whether you’re the one currently in need or the one available to help, we can take care of each other through difficult times. 

*Names changed for privacy 


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