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Each year, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation (UCCF) recognizes some of the most accomplished and innovative social impact initiatives spearheaded by the business community. Since 2000, the Citizens Awards has honored the private sector’s best efforts to raise the bar on social responsibility and improve communities around the world. This year,...

The American Midwest has endured a sustained period of extreme weather that’s hard to grasp, which ironically may be making it more difficult to rally donors to contribute to disaster aid.  In the month of May alone, the National Weather Service received reports of more than 500 tornadoes stretching across the...

The complacency around Florence seems to have extended into the philanthropic realm as well.   Anecdotal evidence from our partnerships team at Good360 and corporate giving levels after Hurricanes Florence and Michael suggest that donor fatigue has set in after last year’s calamitous string of Category 4 storms....

The rain began on August 12, 2016. First, a few inches. Then two feet of water in a single weekend. Entire districts disappeared under floodwaters. The flooding would claim 13 lives, prompt 30,000 water rescues, and leave 149,000 homes heavily damaged or destroyed....