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  The Blessing Corner Bakersfield, CA Website: Lives Impacted: 700 + The Blessing Corner is a Good360 nonprofit partner that strives to bring hope to people living in Bakersfield, California, by providing access to community events, health and wellness classes, and disaster preparedness training. After receiving two pallets of donated items from...

DONATION: TALBOT'S SHOES, ROSS CLOTHING, MARC JACOB'S T-SHIRTS LIVES IMPACTED: 200+ Bread of Life Incorporated, in Houston, TX, was launched in September 1992 with the mission of serving of hot meals to homeless men and women in the sanctuary of St. John's United Methodist Church. We aim to end homelessness by building...

DONATION: BURT'S BEES, RH, ROSS, MN HOME OUTLET, AND SCOTCH PRODUCTS LIVES IMPACTED: 500 Hurricane Harvey was a devastating tropical cyclone that tied Katrina as the costliest hurricane on record, inflicting at least $125 billion in damage. The 27 trillion gallons of rain that fell in Southeast Texas and Western Louisiana left millions without power and...

Carrying Hope is an Austin, TX nonprofit that provides comfort items and essentials to children who are entering the foster care system in Central Texas. More than 17,000 children are removed from their homes by CPS in the state of Texas every year. We have encountered many children who arrive...

Seton Center is a Catholic-sponsored human services agency that helps people break the cycle of poverty in Kansas City, MO. Seton Center provides dental, social, and educational programs to address current community needs and tools to help support people in transforming their lives....