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  New Life Missions LLC Loranger, LA Lives Impacted: 100 + New Life Missions LLC is a Good360 nonprofit disaster recovery partner located in Loranger, Louisiana. The organization assists disaster survivors in the Louisiana gulf area by getting them the supplies and materials they need to rebuild their lives. Damage caused by...

  In 2022, the United States experienced 15 billion-dollar weather and climate-related disasters—well above the historical average of seven such events per year. This year’s extreme weather events continues a trend we’ve been seeing since 1980 of more and more billion-dollar natural disasters. Not only are we experiencing an increasing number of disasters...

  National Preparedness Month takes place every September. With the intention of reaching underserved Latinx and Black communities, this year’s theme takes a highly personal approach by asking people to think about protecting their “lasting legacy.” “The life you’ve built is worth protecting. Prepare for disasters to create a lasting legacy for you...