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The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) typically responds to natural disasters, bringing critically needed assistance to communities and states as they recover from hurricanes, tornadoes, and other catastrophes. But with the coronavirus pandemic, FEMA has moved into uncharted territory. The virus is the largest disaster that the agency has ever handled....

When a disaster strikes, every second is crucial. It is essential for families to develop a plan in case of unexpected emergencies. National Preparedness Month, is recognized each September to promote family and community disaster and emergency planning now and throughout the year....

Last year, we launched the Resilient Response initiative to encourage corporations to take a more thoughtful approach to disaster giving and do their part to build stronger communities that can better withstand future disasters. We believe that the key to resilience is preparedness....

In the aftermath of severe winter storms that caused mudslides and flooding in Nevada, President Trump declared the Nevada floods a major disaster, requesting further federal assistance to supplement local and state recovery efforts. ...

After having had the privilege of spending a couple of hours with a displaced resident who lost everything, I have a renewed empathy for what the community is enduring and will continue to endure for months and years to come....

Howard Sherman, Good360’s CEO, recently visited Baton Rouge, LA to meet with local leaders and influencers to understand how Good360 could continue to help the region devastated by the August 2016 floods.  In this three-part series, Howard recounts both moving and insightful moments from his trip. In this opening post,...