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Congrats, you published your Wishlist! Now let’s get it funded.

Below are some tools to help you promote your Wishlist and get you one step closer to getting it funded and receiving the product for your community.

Nonprofit Promotion Toolkit

Download our promotional toolkit and learn how to get your Wishlist in front of more people. This document includes different ways to share your Wishlist and sample social media posts.

Social Media Graphics

Pair your social media posts with these pre-made graphics that will help you gain visibility and engagement.

Facebook Graphics

Twitter Graphics

Simply right click on the image you like and save to your computer. Then upload the image when you are posting from your social media account.

Our Fiscal Stewardship

More than 99 percent of funds are used for program services.

About Good360

Good360 is a 501(c)(3) nonpartisan nonprofit that works with companies, charities and individuals to make the business of giving simpler, more efficient and more effective. The Alexandria, Virginia-based organization was created in 1983 to help companies donate inventory to charitable organizations. Today, Good360 is changing the face of philanthropy by creating a Circle of Good that allows companies, nonprofits and individuals to work together to do more social good together through product giving.

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