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Office and School Supply Donation from Best Buy Impacts More Than 80 Nonprofits


Thanks to a generous donation from Best Buy, Good360 recently distributed office and school supplies to more than 80 nonprofits across the United States. The donation consisted of every item imaginable – from pens, pencils, and paper to rulers, glue, and arts and craft sets.Best Buy Office Supplies

One recipient was the Edgewood Center for Children and Families, the oldest children’s charity in the western United States. Located in Northern California, Edgewood works with children who have learning disabilities, mental illnesses, and debilitating behavior issues stemming from episodes of traumatic stress. Every year, Edgewood transforms the lives of 7,000 children and families in the Bay Area.


“When Edgewood receives donations of office supplies, it frees up money that we can use to help our children and families,” said Dawn Mueller, the Director of Facilities at Edgewood. “We get so many various kinds of donations from Good360 that help us in so many ways! It is great!”

Edgewood is only one of more than 80 nonprofits that benefitted from Best Buy’s office and school supply donation; one donation impacted thousands.


Good360’s mission is to transform lives by providing hope, dignity, and a sense of renewed possibility to individuals, families, and communities impacted by disasters or other challenging life circumstances who, without us, would struggle to find that hope.​ GOODS FOR THE GREATER GOOD.

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