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Toy Donation To Support Families During Coronavirus Crisis

Good360 and Toys for Tots are joining forces to distribute two million toys, books and games to families in need through Good360’s network of vetted and approved nonprofit partners.  While Toys for Tots is the flagship children’s Christmas charity, the organization doesn’t want to wait until the holiday season to provide support, and Good360 answered the call to help get the toys into the hands of families in need as soon as possible.

Toys, books and games offer many benefits during this extraordinary time of need.  They help to fight boredom, relieve anxiety in children, facilitate a return to normalcy and can even contribute to the educational development of our nation’s children.

Good360 distributes needed goods through its network of vetted and approved nonprofits all across the country. If you would like to request support for your children, please contact a local nonprofit organization and ask them if they are a member of Good360. If they are a member, ask if they can apply on your behalf to receive toys from the program. If your local nonprofit organization is not a member, ask the nonprofit if they can register with Good360 to become a member and then apply on your behalf to receive toys from the program. Local nonprofits can become a member by clicking here.

How Can My Nonprofit Access These Donations?

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Become a Good360 Member

Join our network of over 92,000 nonprofits to receive access to our catalog of donations. 

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Browse The Good360 Catalog

If your nonprofit is already a Good360 member, you can browse items on our donations catalog. Administrative fees help cover Good360’s donation handling, storage, processing and shipping costs. If your nonprofit is not a member, click here to register.

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Find a Local Nonprofit

If there is not a Good360 non-profit member in your community you can call 211 from your phone to be connected with a support professional that can help you identify local non-profits in your community.

Media Inquiries

All media inquiries should be directed to Good360’s Marketing team at

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