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The Road To Recovery Begins With Red Wing Shoes





The Salvation Army of Greater Baton Rouge in Louisiana began in 1905. We are an international movement that focuses on meeting all human needs without discrimination in the name of the Lord. The Baton Rouge Corps is unique, nestled in the rich culture of Southeastern Louisiana. We have weathered the storms of hurricanes such as Katrina, Rita, Gustav, and Isaac. These were challenging years for The Salvation Army, but we were still able to provide an amazing level of disaster services in Baton Rouge, while fully operating our regular programs.  

After the devastating flood in Louisiana struck, survivors were in great need of supplies. A highly needed, and often overlooked, item is shoes. Survivors lost everything they had in the flood and shoes were something absolutely necessary that they needed to get around. Those impacted by the flood were left without closed toe shoes, making it very difficult for them to clean and sort through what was left of their homes. The shoes and work boots from Red Wing were perfect for our community. These shoes were distributed in August and helped so many people who desperately needed them. With your help, we were able to help them get their work done in a safe manner and, at the same time, replace some of their belongings.

Thank you Red Wing for your donation and Good360 for all of your help. These were not just shoes to the community, but a new start. Unfortunately, these victims of the flood lost everything they had. Because of your donation, they were able to gain something back. The shoes were a start for them to begin rebuilding their lives.



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