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Tech Donations for Nonprofits

Many nonprofits need computer software and equipment in order to properly manage their day-to-day operations. Unfortunately, most nonprofits operate on a limited budget, which means that they often can’t afford the necessary tools to keep their affairs moving. Thankfully, tech companies lead the way when it comes to corporate philanthropy. Aside from giving substantial monetary donations, many tech firms also donate a fair amount of software and computer equipment to nonprofits.

For example, when Microsoft launched Office 365 they ensured that is would be free or deeply discounted to qualifying organizations around the world. Other companies like Cisco provide technology product grants to organizations. Cisco works to help organizations realize gains in productivity, scalability and cost-efficiency.

Other tech companies donate their software and hardware through nonprofits like Good360 to distribute to qualified organizations throughout the country. Good360 has software such as FileMaker (a software platform that be used to create custom solutions for a variety of different platforms, such as tablets, laptops and PCs) available, as well as hardware items like printers and refurbished computers.

There is also an organization called TechSoup that focuses on connecting nonprofits with tech products, services, and resources. They feature items like Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite, QuickBooks and more.

Knowing what resources are available and how your nonprofit can take advantage of them is the first step in making your organization more efficient and effective.

Lindsey Breeden, Good360’s Chief Marketing Officer, is a highly motivated and experienced management executive with expert proficiency in coordinating targeted business strategy and operational excellence for a roster of industry-leading corporations in the creative, online advertising and nonprofit industries.
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