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  The Moore Wright Group Bakersfield, CA Website: Lives Impacted: 16,000 + The Moore Wright Group (TMWG) is a Good360 Community Redistribution Partner (CRP) located in Aberdeen, Washington. It serves its community by providing support, resources – and most importantly, hope – for families and individuals in need. Thanks to Toys...

Role Models of America Spring, TX Website: Lives Impacted: 1,000 + Role Models of America (RMOA) is a Good360 Community Redistribution Partner (CRP) that serves communities in or near Houston, Texas. After receiving various games, stuffed animals, arts and crafts, and fidget spinners provided by Toys for Tots, RMOA collaborated strategically...

Caring for Others Atlanta, GA Website: Lives Impacted: 500 + Caring for Others is a Good360 nonprofit partner founded by Ms. Eslene Richmond-Shockley, that has served the people of Atlanta, Georgia, for two decades. Ms. Shockley and the Caring for Others team work strategically to source goods that can help...