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In recent years, we’ve endured a slew of record-breaking catastrophes, including Hurricanes Harvey, Maria, and Irma, the worst wildfires on the West Coast in decades and, of course, the once-in-a-century COVID-19 pandemic. Driven by climate change, the frequency and severity of extreme weather events only seems to be getting worse. The...

As a nonprofit organization, knowing how to engage with your community on the web and, more specifically, on social media, is a must-have skill. No nonprofit should be without a solid strategy for connecting with supporters and donors online — especially if fundraising is a critical goal. More than half of people...

Your most powerful marketing tool is one that you use every single day. But it’s also one that many nonprofits overlook and simply don’t leverage as effectively as they could.  Yep, you guessed it — it’s email. As a marketing channel, email boasts a plethora of advantages: It costs very little or...

Every nonprofit today needs to know how to be good storytellers. Why? Because marketing makes noise, but stories make you listen. Human beings seem hardwired to respond to stories. We’ll remember a good story well told long after we’ve forgotten all of the relevant facts and figures. For nonprofits, storytelling is an essential and powerful...

At Good360, we think seriously about compliance. Very seriously. Compliance is how we protect the brands of our generous corporate donors. It’s also how we safeguard the reputations of our nonprofit partners as well as our own. It’s in everyone’s interest to ensure that donations are properly collected, stored, and distributed....

The last two months of the year are critically important times for the nonprofit community. Indeed, a third of annual giving occurs in the month of December, and 12 percent of all giving happens in just the last three days of the year....