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The 2021 Atlantic hurricane season is underway. Thankfully, it’s been a relatively slow start compared to what we’ve experienced in recent years. But we should all heed the words of Ben Friedman, acting head of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). And remember, the hurricane season doesn’t end until November. “Although...

When you think about supply chains — if at all — what probably comes to mind are businesses. The supply chain is how companies get products on store shelves and into the hands of customers. But organizations such as Good360 that work in disaster response also think a lot about managing...

New Life Missions Loranger, LA Donor: Nice-Pak Hurricane Laura made landfall in Louisiana on August 20, 2020. The sustained winds of the category four hurricane were tied for the strongest storm in Louisiana’s history. The natural disaster took the lives of 77 people and caused more than $19.1 billion in...

The Atlantic hurricane season officially started on June 1, as it does every year. But this year is different, but not because of anything happening in the atmosphere. Rather, it’s what’s happening on the ground around the globe that’s turning 2020 into quite the unique challenge when it comes to...

As the official start of the Atlantic hurricane season looms, the good news is that climate experts predict a “near-normal” number of storms to develop this year. The bad news is that this is merely a prediction and, even if it’s accurate, that still means we can expect up to...