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Houston Habitat for Humanity Houston, TX Donor: Ferguson Hurricane Harvey was a Category 4 storm that hit Texas on August 25, 2017. The storm damaged or destroyed over 200,000 homes, affecting more than 13 million people, and causing over $125 billion in damage. The intensity of the storm resulted in...

West Street Recovery   Houston, Texas  Donations/Donor: GAF  Lives Impacted: 5 families     As Told to Good360 by West Street Recovery   Hurricane Harvey caused catastrophic flooding due to the unprecedented rainfall in Houston and Southeast Texas.  Within four days, many areas received over 40 inches of rain, making Harvey the wettest tropical cyclone on record...

Somebody Cares Jasper-Newton Counties, Texas Donations/Donor: Target Lives Impacted: Over 100 As Told to Good360 by Somebody Cares   The aftermath of a major hurricane remains in the news only for a couple of weeks, but it takes years for a full recovery.  This is true of Hurricane Harvey, a Category...

Sewa International  Houston, Texas  Donation: GAF Shingles  Hurricane Harvey caused catastrophic damage that continues to be felt today.  Groups affected more severely by storms like Harvey are groups that struggled more to begin with.  Little Cambodia, also known as “The Village”, in Rosharon, Texas was hit particularly hard by Harvey. ...

East Harris County Recovery Project East Harris County, Texas Donation: Backpacks Lives Impacted: 2500 students and families Hurricane Harvey struck Texas over two years ago, and many communities continue to feel its effects today. The areas that were impacted most by Harvey were already facing many economic challenges. After...

Organization: SBP Website: Lives Impacted: 10 Donor: Wrangler   Hurricane Harvey, one of the costliest tropical cyclones on record, caused mass destruction in Texas that continues to be felt today.  Harvey inflicted $125 billion in damage as a result of heavy rainfall that led to the flooding and damage of over 100,000 homes. The clean-up and recovery of a...

When Hurricane Harvey dumped more than 50 inches of rain on the Gulf Coast in 2017, Houston’s historically African American neighborhood of Kashmere Gardens was particularly devastated.Nearly 80 percent of single-family homes in the neighborhood of 10,000 people was damaged. Floodwaters reached up to 8 feet in places. Almost every...

Over the last generation, the lives of 280 million children around the world have dramatically improved, thanks to social investments, new technologies, and impressive progress toward the United Nation’s Millennium Development Goals to cut poverty, hunger, disease and other social ailments. Still, a quarter of the world’s children in 2017 were...

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