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Houston Habitat for Humanity Houston, TX Donor: Ferguson Hurricane Harvey was a Category 4 storm that hit Texas on August 25, 2017. The storm damaged or destroyed over 200,000 homes, affecting more than 13 million people, and causing over $125 billion in damage. The intensity of the storm resulted in...

West Street Recovery   Houston, Texas  Donations/Donor: GAF  Lives Impacted: 5 families     As Told to Good360 by West Street Recovery   Hurricane Harvey caused catastrophic flooding due to the unprecedented rainfall in Houston and Southeast Texas.  Within four days, many areas received over 40 inches of rain, making Harvey the wettest tropical cyclone on record...

Somebody Cares Jasper-Newton Counties, Texas Donations/Donor: Target Lives Impacted: Over 100 As Told to Good360 by Somebody Cares   The aftermath of a major hurricane remains in the news only for a couple of weeks, but it takes years for a full recovery.  This is true of Hurricane Harvey, a Category...

When Hurricane Harvey hit, 80% of homes in Dickinson, TX were flooded. For many residents in Dickinson and Texas City, the devastation still lingers in tangible ways. Some survivors emptied out their checking and savings accounts to pay for home repairs. Others now have accounts in collections because of the loans they needed....

Rosharon is a small community about 50 miles south of Houston. An immigrant community comprised mostly of Laotian, Cambodian and Mexican families, most households earn a living through selling fruits and vegetables grown on their property. ...

The families who fall through the cracks are among the most devastating aspects in any disaster. When Hurricane Harvey brought $125 billion worth of damage to southeast Texas, it brought national and international attention. ...