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In the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian, humanitarian aid workers trying to get critically needed supplies to survivors in the Bahamas faced a logistical nightmare of monumental proportions. One of the most powerful hurricanes ever recorded in the Atlantic Ocean stalled over the Bahamas for two days, leaving roads, docks, airports and...

We recently learned of two extraordinary stories of middle school students going above and beyond to raise money for Hurricane Dorian survivors.  Using their talents and resourcefulness, these kids came up with unique ideas for fundraising, then worked with their parents to find an organization that would deliver the most impact.  The result of their efforts?  $70,000 worth of...

Good360 has launched a major humanitarian effort to get critically needed relief supplies to impacted communities in the Bahamas as soon as it’s logistically possible. We have already secured commitments for more than $1 million in donated goods destined for the islands. ...