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  The theme for this year’s Earth Day—"Invest in Our Planet—is an especially relevant one for Good360. As the bridge between corporate donors and charitable organizations, we are uniquely positioned to facilitate investments that drive both sustainable practices and social good. We can serve as strategic partners to companies looking to meet...

  While you’re at Ferncliff, it’s impossible not to appreciate the beauty and wonders of the natural world. After all, the renowned camp and conference center is situated in the middle of 1,200 stunning forested acres about 15 minutes outside of Little Rock, Arkansas, surrounded by towering pines, shimmering lakes and streams....

  Corporations have a lot to lose with climate change. According to the 2020 CDP Global Supply Chain Report, companies could face up to $1.26 trillion in environmental risks to their supply chains by 2026. Meanwhile, up to 80% of the world’s largest companies say they are exposed to physical or market...

  The theme for this year’s Earth Day celebration, taking place on April 22nd, is “Invest in Our Planet.” Embedded within this call to action are a couple of powerful ideas. First is the notion that securing the future of “our planet” against the ravages of climate change is a collective responsibility...

For the 50th anniversary on April 22, organizers around the world had planned to put on some of the biggest events ever in celebration of Earth Day. Then the pandemic hit.  Suddenly, hundreds of millions of people across the globe were sheltering in place in their homes and practicing social distancing. There...