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Vicki and Rich Fulop created Brooklinen in 2014 to solve a problem. They wanted to offer beautiful, luxury-grade sheets at an affordable price and deliver them straight to consumers. Having slept on amazing bedding during a hotel stay, the couple were shocked and horrified to discover later that similar sheets could...

Like most of our other CRPs around the country, Didomi 7+ operates a warehouse that allows other nonprofits to get critically needed supplies at drastically reduced costs compared to what they would spend at retail. That’s because the CRPs benefit from our network of corporate partners such as Walmart, The...

  Before Greg Bales started Morningday Community Solutions (MCS), he knew nothing about creating or running a nonprofit. That didn’t stop him from eventually establishing one of Good360’s most active Community Redistribution Partners in the country, serving some 350 charitable organizations in South Florida. Bales estimates that MCS has collectively saved its...

Recently, a church in Atkins paid about $600 for nearly $6,000 worth of flooring, doors and other construction and home supplies to fix up a residence owned by the church....