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Sun Basket Creates First 100% Recyclable Package


Sun Basket, an organic meal kit provider, has recently begun producing a recyclable package that they claim is the greenest, most sustainable packaging option currently available. Sun Basket has also set the goal of becoming a zero waste leader in the meal delivery industry by focusing heavily on recycling and other packaging-related sustainability efforts.
Sun Basket notes that their new recyclable packaging features what they claim is the “first truly recyclable” installation liner (interestingly, it’s also made from recycled materials too). The package features ingredient bags that can be composted, as well as gel packs that utilize a “fill” that is all natural and easily compostable. The company believes that their new recyclable packages will help to divert more than 5 million pounds of waste from landfills in the first year of use. Adam Zbar, CEO and founder of Sun Basket, noted that, with these recyclable packages, “we are taking significant steps towards providing the most eco-friendly packaging to our customers.”


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Sun Basket’s Head of User Experience Tyler MacNiven noted that the package’s recyclable qualities are especially important, mainly because most of Sun Basket’s customers don’t return the packages they receive. According to MacNiven, 90 percent of the company’s packages are usually not returned and are instead sent straight to the landfill. With this new recyclable package, which makes it simple for Sun Basket’s customers to recycle or compost at home, “we solved this problem without compromising the freshness of our food.”

For many companies like Sun Basket, sustainability starts with the supply chain and the back-end. Many companies can become more sustainable by focusing on recycling efforts or by limiting their overall waste production. Companies aiming to cut down on their waste generation should consider reaching out to Good360. We specialize in helping companies donate their excess products or stock to nonprofits in need. By doing this, these companies can cut down on their waste generation while also helping out a charitable cause. Learn more about how we partner companies with nonprofits here.

Richard Barney, Good360’s EVP of Business Development, is responsible for working closely with corporate partners to create programs that help them do good, better. Richard brings years of business-to-business sales and leadership experience to the nonprofit world and is tasked with ensuring that corporate partners realize a strong ROI from their partnership with Good360.
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