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Sport Infinity Pushes Zero Waste and Recyclability


BASF, one of the largest global producers of chemicals, has partnered with the European Commissions’ WRAP Consortium project to help create high-performance sporting goods that are not only high quality, but can also be recycled. This zero waste concept, referred to as “Sport Infinity,” will be led by Adidas, and the overall hope is to create products that can be applied to European football (soccer) on a wide-scale basis.

BASF is supplying much of the expertise related to chemicals and plastics production. The 10-company strong consortium, which includes BASF and Adidas, aims to create new polymer-based materials for high quality football wear and apparel. Eventually, the apparel will become a part of a repeated-material recycling loop, helping Adidas to move closer towards achieving zero-waste The ultimate goal, according to Sustainable Brands, would be to create a zero-waste initiative that not only cuts down on waste generation and material consumption, but also allows for easy automatic production. BASF is hoping that the material produced for the concept can then be adapted for a wide variety of processes and applications.

The material for the shoes will be sourced from industrial and sportswear waste resources—mostly worn football shoes and apparel. BASF notes that manufacturing process will use “almost every gram of material” and it will generate zero waste. BASF notes that customers will still be able to fully customize their shoes, creating products in any preferred shape, design, or color, while still retaining zero waste. Major companies across the world, ranging from BASF to Adidas, are actively working to implement zero-waste initiatives. Curious to learn about other companies that are pursuing new and cutting edge sustainable options? Read this post about Unilever—the company recently achieved a notable zero-waste milestone, and the achievement might serve as inspiration for your company.



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