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Become A Retail Match Partner

In Good360’s Retail Match Program, your organization can be matched with a local retailer to receive donations that can be used in your community. Some programs offer one-time pickups while others allow you to subscribe for a full year. This is a great way to build a relationship with the donors in your area as well as help your organization in fulfilling the needs of your community.

Click the button below to visit the local donations section of our online catalog to see which stores are available in your area.

Program Benefits

Low Cost

For a low yearly fee, you'll have access to frequent donations from a retail store or fulfillment center

Variety Of Items

Items will vary by partnership but could include home goods, apparel, sporting goods, baby items, and more!

Recurring Donations

Receive recurring donations that you can redistribute to your community


By participating in this program, you're helping keep quality items out of local landfills


Access to a team of professionals who will work on your behalf to make your partnership a success

We Partner With The Best

How To Get Started

Step 1:

Become a Good360 Member

Click here to register to become a Good360 member. Registration is free to all nonprofits.

Step 2:

Find an Available Store

Click here to access our map tool. Enter your zip code and a distance radius to view all the local Retail Match stores near you.

Step 3:

Request a partnership

While viewing the Local Donation map, click on the store you want, add it to the shopping cart, and pay the admin fee to complete the transaction.

Step 4:

Be ready to provide documentation and await Member Services approval

Good360 member services may contact you by email within 3 business days of your partnership request. Please watch for this email as it is time-sensitive.  If you have not responded within three (3) business days your request will be denied, and the store will be placed back on the Local Donation map as available.  Member Services may request some, or all, of the following: Your business/storage address, financial documents, and your lease or rental agreement.

You will also be sent a link to the Program Participation Agreement for your electronic signature. Member Services may take up to five (5) business to approve the order from the time your documents are received.

Need More Information?

Please click here to talk or chat with Good360.