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Sleep Number Helps Survivors Rest Easy

When a massive natural disaster like Hurricane Harvey hits, those in its path are left with three impossible options and no way to know which is best. They can shelter in place and hope the worst does not come to pass; travel to a local shelter and leave their home less secure; or travel away from the disaster, potentially getting stranded far from home when the roads become impassable. No matter which option is best for a family, that immediate, short term and possibly traumatic choice will be compounded by the long-term impact on homes and belongings. The comprehensive disruption and massive change that Hurricane Harvey imparted on its survivors leaves mental and physical tolls that take years to recover from.

Cathy Taylor is one of these survivors. After her husband passed away she suffered a stroke. This made mobility difficult for Cathy. When Harvey struck, Cathy sheltered in place. She witnessed her home take on water and the roof of her bedroom completely collapse. Cathy’s daughter fared even worse in the storm. Her home was completely flooded and she lost everything. Cathy and her daughter have been staying in Cathy’s home since Harvey’s impact 11 months ago. Given the sustained damage, it doesn’t need to be said that everyday is an immense struggle for the family.

FEMA declined Cathy’s application for aid. The deed to her home is under her parent’s names, who she inherited it from. Community organizations are Cathy’s only hope for assistance with recovery. Cathy’s church, Christian Tabernacle, is one such group that has helped her recover spiritually and materially. With Good360’s assistance, Christian Tabernacle was able to donate two Sleep Number mattresses to Cathy for use in her bedrooms that still have roofs. Although this is a small donation when considering the huge scope of repairs that Cathy’s home needs, its importance for Cathy’s family’s wellbeing is outsized.

Throughout any recovery process, sleep is incredibly important. It gives us respite, perspective and renewal for rebuilding. Sleep Number understands this importance and appreciates its unique position among corporations in being able to directly contribute to a good night’s rest for survivors. To this end, Sleep Number has been a crucial partner to Good360 in the ongoing recovery from Hurricane Harvey in southeast Texas. The donation to Christian Tabernacle reaffirmed Sleep Number’s enduring commitment to aiding those who need it the most. With corporate partners like Sleep Number and community groups like Christian Tabernacle, Good360 can ensure that the most vital supplies continue to go to the most vulnerable communities.



Good360’s mission is to transform lives by providing hope, dignity, and a sense of renewed possibility to individuals, families, and communities impacted by disasters or other challenging life circumstances who, without us, would struggle to find that hope.​ GOODS FOR THE GREATER GOOD.

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