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Good360 Expands Impact of In-Kind Donations by Launching New Regional Operating Centers

Alexandria, VA, November 5, 2019—Good360, the global leader in product philanthropy and purposeful giving, announced the launch of its Regional Operating Centers (ROCs), a new model for in-kind donation distribution that will bolster Good360’s nonprofit network capacity to receive product donations in large and frequent volumes and disseminate them based on need.  The ROCs will expand the collective impact of the Good360 network by distributing needed goods locally, regionally and nationally, all in a way that is sustainable for Good360, the ROC and the recipient nonprofit network.

Funded by Good360 via a grant from Walmart, two new ROCs will open this fall, serving the Baltimore and Nashville regions.  The ROCs are an evolution and extension of Good360’s established strategy of building a network of nonprofit partners who can support the redistribution of donated goods to help those facing challenging life circumstances as well as those recovering from the effects of natural disasters.

With more than 40 million Americans living below the poverty line, and 7.6 million among the working poor, a dire need exists for donated goods that supply basic necessities such as personal care items, clothing, and household goods.

“The $1 million grant Good360 received from Walmart helps us build additional capabilities and increase our footprint of giving,” said Matt Connelly, CEO of Good360.  “We are proud to make this investment to help our nonprofit partners develop sustainable operating models, and to help broaden the impact that our donors can make. With two new ROCs opening, we are now even closer to the major milestone of $10 billion in total goods distributed to those in need.”

The Nashville ROC is managed by the Goodness Project, a longstanding Good360 nonprofit partner serving hundreds of nonprofits.  The Goodness Project, which provides help and hope to families in crisis by sourcing and distributing a wide variety of needed items to those facing difficult life challenges, has warehouses serving Fort Worth, Texas; Buffalo, NY; and most recently, Nashville, TN.

“We have partnered with Good360 for more than ten years now and we are excited about this new level of engagement,” said Bill Fletcher, CEO of the Goodness Project.  “Acting as a Good360 ROC provides us with the additional support and resources we need to expand our impact, especially as we move into a new region of the country.  Sustainable growth in the nonprofit space can be a challenge, and Good360 has offered an additional path for us.”

The Baltimore ROC is managed by Volunteers of America Chesapeake & Carolinas,  one of 30 Volunteers of America affiliates in the U.S.  VOA is dedicated to reducing poverty and empowering self-reliance via the 48 programs they run within the Maryland, Washington, DC, North and South Carolina, and Commonwealth of Virginia communities.

“We have a long history of serving our communities via a variety of programs and services,” said Russell Snyder, CEO of Volunteers of America Chesapeake & Carolinas.  “Partnering with Good360 as a Regional Operating Center gives us the ability to expand our services and impact, while building a new partnership model that will help our community nonprofits serve more individuals and families.”

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