Walmart Store Partnership Program Guidelines - Good360

Program Guidelines

Welcome to the Good360 Store Partnership Program. Good360 is pleased to partner with America’s largest retailer to bring critically needed donations of general merchandise (non-food) to your local community.

The Walmart Store Partnership program is different from other retail partnerships in the Good360 portfolio with very structured guidelines and participation instructions.

Please take note of instructions below. 

In-person meeting. Before any donations are accepted, you will be contacted by the Store Manager or Claims Supervisor to set up a meet & greet session as well as to set up a pickup schedule.  

Establish your pickup schedule. Walmart usually requires weekly pickups initially. After the first month or two, you and your store might decide that pickups every other week would be more appropriate based upon volume. If volume dictates, pickups might need to occur more often.

Arrange Logistics.  

  • Vehicle: The pickup vehicle utilized must be able to accept the entire donation in one visit. Good360 cannot guarantee donation quantities. However, expect roughly ¼ pallet per pickup. In addition, be prepared to accept large items if available for donation (ping pong tables, canoes, furniture).  
  • People: Ensure you have the people needed to load your donation. Do not assume Walmart associates will assist.

EIN required for pickup. Have your 501(c)(3) EIN/ tax number ready for validation by Walmart associates. The donation will only be released after this number has been verified. Stores will NOT have this information on file.  

Authorization form. You should have received your authorization letter for each store you are partnered with. For example, if you have 3 store partnerships, you should have received 3 different authorization forms. This form is informational only. Signatures from store associates will not be required for this program.

Donation Tracking. Each week donation pickup activity must be recorded utilizing the Good360 Donation Confirmation tool. This personalized link was sent to you via email OR noted on your authorization form. If you need your link resent, please request from a Walmart Program Manager at You can access this web-based form from either a smart phone or a computer.  You must log the donation level for each store each week.

Accept entire donation. You must accept the entire donation regardless of condition or usability. Nonprofit partners are not authorized to “cherry pick” which items they will/will not accept. Unless an item is a safety hazard, (i.e. broken glass, biomedical stains) it must be accepted. 

Professionalism / Vendor Protocol. Good360 nonprofits must maintain professionalism at all times. 

  • Ensure all pickup schedules are kept on time. Call ahead if unable to make the appointment.
  • Remain at the loading dock unless invited in by store associates.
  • Do not walk around the store room or touch any other merchandise.
  • Do not solicit additional product outside of the identified items.
  • Wait until all items are accounted for by the store associate.
  • Most importantly, do not addresses any significant issues with store associates directly. All concerns must be addressed through your Good360 Walmart Team.

Legacy nonprofit partners. Prior to the official program roll out, many stores had existing donation relationships with local nonprofits. While both Good360 and Walmart made concerted efforts to honor these relationships, not all organizations are able or willing to comply with program requirements. Should you encounter any partner challenges with either store associates or other nonprofits, please contact your Good360 Walmart Team immediately.


Compliance and Security.  

  • Organizations cannot sell, trade, barter or otherwise transfer the donated goods for money, property or services performed.  
  • Product donations cannot be transferred to other nonprofit organizations or groups without advance written permission from Good360.  
  • All donations must be stored in a business address. Donations may not be stored in a residence or home office. 
  • Donations cannot be used for fundraisers, raffles or auctions; given to volunteers or staff members; or sold in retail stores, on web sites, in flea markets, or in any other manner.  
  • You agree to maintain adequate books and records of these donations as required by applicable tax regulations and to make such records available upon request to Good360 and/or the Internal Revenue Service.  
  • You agree to abide by all donation agreements and conditions as noted in the Master Donation Agreement and the Program Participation Agreement. 
  • Please review all compliance and security requirements here. For any issues, please contact your Market Lead or
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