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Good360 Market Lead Program

Walmart and Good360 are proud to announce a new nationwide partnership, and Good360 is actively recruiting nonprofit organizations who wish to work with us to distribute product donations in your community.

Learn more about the Walmart Retail Donation Partnership program here.


How It Works

Walmart has over 3,900 Supercenters across the country organized into groups of stores know as a “Market.” A Market is comprised of approximately 10 stores in a general geographic area. In order for Walmart stores to begin donating through the Good360 program, each market needs a local nonprofit to be the “Market Lead”.

The Good360 Market Lead is a nonprofit partnered with three (3) or more Walmart stores who is charged with two primary tasks:

  1. Be the primary point of contact for the Walmart Market Manager, Walmart Store Managers, and Good360 nonprofit partners in the market.
  2. Provide weekly feedback and reporting to Good360 for store partnerships.

Market Lead Benefits

Market Lead Responsibilities 

  • First right of refusal should available stores in your market come available upon renewal.
  • Access to weekly Market Lead conference calls learn best practices in product distribution and impact reporting.
  • An annual Good360 credit that may be used toward the handling fee of any product donation in the Good360 network.
  • Ensuring routine local pickups are made on time from store partnerships.
  • Maintain the primary relationship with each store, and will troubleshoot any potential challenges that may arise.
  • Build local relationships with each store to ensure donations are directed to those in need.

Get Started Now

Looking to learn more about the Walmart Market Lead Program? We are excited to offer a free webinar where the Good360 team will walk you through the program and answer any questions you may be having.

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