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Walmart Retail Matching FAQs

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This is a 12-month exclusive partnership.

Product donations can be used to serve youth, the ill or the needy, or to assist in the administration of your charity’s programs. You may NOT sell the donated products in any manner, which includes bartering, auctioning, or in thrift stores. Products may not be shared with another nonprofit unless granted written approval by Good360. Donations cannot be given to volunteers or staff, since items must go directly to those in need. Be sure all employees and clients are aware of all Good360 restrictions and policies.

Every supercenter has a different amount of inventory and sales volume so the exact frequency and size of donations will vary from store to store. Donation pickups will initially be weekly and could range from a handful of boxes to large unboxed recreational gear. Some stores may eventually require twice weekly pickups or stretch to every other week. Frequency and size of a donation is based on the size and volume of the store. This cannot be guaranteed.

A confirmation email with your authorization form will be sent to you. The authorization form will include start-up instructions, your start date, and the store contact information. Your local Good360 representative will also be available for any questions or concerns.

Do not address any major issue with the store. Please contact your Good360 Walmart Team at

Your donations will consist of nearly any NON-FOOD items you will find at a Walmart Supercenter. Pickups can consist of a wide variety of merchandise from apparel, home goods, furniture, recreational equipment, hardware, or automotive. Most products will be in good, usable condition that was overstock, returned, clearance merchandise or seasonal items.

Donations will need to be picked up at the store. During your initial in-person meeting, please clarify with your store contact the average size and quantity of the donation to ensure you bring a suitable vehicle and appropriate number of volunteers.

Walmart requires all stores and nonprofit partners to establish routine pick up schedules. Any changes to the schedule must be pre-approved by both parties.

Yes, all donations must be black labeled or have the label removed prior to the product being distributed among recipients.

A black, vertical line must be drawn on the barcode of each unit received. A vertical line prevents a retail scanner from reading the barcode at the store. Below is an example.