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Retail Matching Program Requirements

Looking to match with your local retail partner? Be sure you review the program requirements that are required prior to being approved for your retail partnership match.

The Retail Matching Program has specific requirements that all nonprofits must adhere to.

Get an early start by sending the required documents to the Good360 team so you can shorten the approval process for any retail matching programs! Email with your documents or any questions you might have!


1. Verifiable in GuideStar (

Walmart requires all nonprofit donation recipients to be registered and approved by Guidestar.

  • Not registered with GuideStar yet? Click here to register.
  • Is your organization a church or religion based? Email the below items to request your GuideStar listing. Upon receipt of your email with the information listed above, we will follow up with further guidance about the requirements and required documents to be listed on GuideStar.
    • Associated Church Name
    • Associated Church EIN
    • Associated Church Address
    • Associated Church Website if available. (If not available please indicate that your organization does not have a website.)
    • If your religious organization (including ministries) is not part of a group exemption or an integrated auxiliary of an independent church/house of worship, send GuideStar the following document:
      • Letter of Determination (LOD) issued by the IRS- No alternative documents are acceptable.  (Include all pages and any addendums.) 


2. Financial Documentation

Please provide any one of the following documents which should be no older than 3 years.

  • IRS 990 Form (We do not accept 990N postcards) OR
  • Audited financial statement OR
  • Internal Financials: a profit and loss statement as well as balance sheet. These internal financials must be accompanied by a cover letter on your organization’s letterhead signed by an authorized personnel stating that these financial statements represents to the best of your knowledge the financial position of your organization for period stated.

For additional information about the financial documents, please reference this resource for more support)


3. Proof of Business/Commercial Address

Donations obtained through retail partnerships cannot be stored at a residential address, including home-based businesses. Examples of proof of business include:

  • Proof of rented or donated commercial space where donations will be stored
  • A storage unit is acceptable for this purpose with proof of rental by your organization.


4. Program Participation Agreement

Charities participating with a retail partnership must acknowledge the Program Participation Agreement (PPA) prior to beginning any of these programs. This agreement is acknowledged once upon ordering an initial retail partnership, after you have requested your store through out online donation catalog.

As part of the PPA, Good360 requests that charities acknowledge a Quarterly Compliance Confirmation email. At the beginning of each calendar quarter, Good360 will send an electronic form for acknowledgement that an organization has completed the required record keeping in the previous quarter. This must be acknowledged to remain current and in good standing with Good360.

Click here to view a sample PPA.