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Good360 is excited to announce the addition of a new retail donation partnership program with the women’s clothing and accessories retailer, Francesca’s! Store’s will be donating their excess inventory to local nonprofits across the continental United States. Francesca’s wants to keep their product out of the landfill and into the hands of people in need.


Nonprofit partners stop by their matched store on as-needed basis to pick up of returned, overstocked, or seasonal items – getting much needed donations and building a bond with a local business.

Donations available through a Francesca’s partnership is an eclectic mixture of almost anything you might find in a store including:

  • Home décor
  • Women’s Clothing
  • Jewelry
  • Hats
  • Hand bags
  • Shoes
  • Gifts


Once you request a store through our online catalog it will be reviewed by Good360.
If we need any additional information to approve your partnership you will receive an email from us.

Once the partnership is approved you will receive a confirmation email that includes:

  • Basic partnership instructions.
  • Authorization Form showing your partnership start and end dates.
  • Partnership start date will be updated to reflect your first donation pickup date.  Please notify us once you receive any donations through our online confirmation form.

The store will be notified of the partnership and begin contacting as they have donations ready to schedule a pick-up. Charities are NOT allowed to reach out to the store. If a charity does contact the store, they may jeopardize their partnership with the store.



What is Francesca’s?

It is an American boutique that carries limited quantities of eclectic women’s clothing, home décor, accessories, and small gifts.

How long is the partnership?

This is a 12-month exclusive partnership.

What could I expect to receive in Francesca’s donation?

Your donations will consist of nearly anything you will find at a Francesca’s store. Pickups can consist of a wide variety of boutique merchandise from apparel, footwear, jewelry, accessories, home goods and gift items. Most products will be in good, usable condition that was overstock, returned, clearance merchandise or seasonal items. You may receive some fixable items that may need to be laundered and/or repaired before they can be used.

What am I allowed to do with the donations?

Product donations can be used to serve youth, the ill or the needy, or to assist in the administration of your charity’s programs. You may NOT sell the donated products in any manner, which includes bartering, auctioning, or in thrift stores. Products may not be shared with another nonprofit unless granted written approval by Good360. Donations cannot be given to volunteers or staff, since items must go directly to those in need. Be sure all employees and clients are aware of all Good360 restrictions and policies.

How will donations be given?

Donations will need to be picked up at the store. Please clarify with your contact person the size and quantity of the donation to ensure you bring suitable vehicle and appropriate number of volunteers.

What is the typical size and frequency of a Francesca’s donation?

Every store has a different inventory and a different level of success in sales. Donation pickups will generally take place once per quarter, however the exact frequency and size of donations will vary from store to store.

When my store contacts me about a donation available, how soon must I pick it up?

We ask that donation be picked up within 2 business days from being notified by the store.

Are there donation restrictions?

Yes, all donations must be black labeled or have the label removed prior to the product being distributed amongst recipients. Additionally, nonprofits may not contact store. The store manager will contact the nonprofit when they have a donation ready for pick up.

How do I properly black label product?

A black, vertical line must be drawn on the barcode of each unit received. A vertical line prevents a retail scanner from reading the barcode at the store. Below is an example.

How do I receive confirmation that my organization has been approved to partner with the store?

A confirmation email with your authorization form will be sent to you. The authorization form will include your start date and the store contact information.

What if I don’t receive a confirmation email?

Use Good360 contact form at and include your donation request.

How soon can I contact the store?

Once the organization has received the authorization form, the store has been notified of the partnership and will reach out to the charity when a donation is ready for pick up. If the charity does not hear from the store within the first 30 days, the charity may contact Good360 at Charities are NOT allowed to reach out to the store. If a charity does contact the store, they may jeopardize their partnership with the store.

What if I have an issue at the store?

Please create a case documenting your issues and/or challenges at Please do not address any issues with the store directly.