Nonprofit Member Resources - Good360

Good360 Member Resources

Looking to learn more about Good360 or how to get the most out of your nonprofit membership? We have put together helpful items below to best answer your questions and serve you!


Donation Terms & Conditions

Review and share the program guidelines agreed to upon registering with Good360 and included during check out with each order. Good360’s Master Donation Acceptance Agreement outlines the proper use of product for your nonprofit.


Good360 New Member Overview

Whether you’re new to Good360 or thinking about becoming a member; take advantage of this free webinar to better understand who we are, how we work, and how we can help your nonprofit deliver needed goods to your community.

Hear from Good360’s Member Service’s team as they walk through the benefits of becoming a member of Good360 as well as how all new members can take advantage of their membership.


Good360 Compliance Overview

To help you make the most of your partnership, Good360 has a compliance overview recording that is great to share with your nonprofit your staff, volunteers and board members.

Hear from Good360’s Senior Manager of Compliance, Jan McKenzie, as she walks through the compliance requirements for organizations receiving donated products. She’ll answer your questions related to working with Good360.

Get ready to learn more about:
  • The cycle of donated goods
  • Good360’s agreements with your organization
  • Recordkeeping documents best practices
  • Proper use of donated goods
  • and more!

Retail Partnerships and Truckload Approved Members Compliance Review

Are already partnered or looking to learn more about Good360’s Retail Donation Partnerships and Truckload Program? The below recording will review specific compliance requirements for organizations participating with retail locations and/or approved to receive truckload donations.

We will review:

  • the cycle of donated goods
  • Agreements with Good360
  • sample record keeping documents
  • administrative functions to keep your organization compliant with Good360.
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