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Donation Eligibility Policy

Qualified organization may request up to two 18” American Girl dolls once per calendar year. Dolls will be donated to a broad network of Section 501 ©(3) charities that are using the item ONLY for raffle or auction to raise funds that exclusively benefit children ages 6-12. Click here to read the detailed product donation guidelines.

  • You may not otherwise sell, trade, or barter any of the items donated.
  • An organization’s event must be at least 6 weeks from application date to be considered.
  • Donated dolls may not be shipped outside the United States
  • Shipping addresses cannot be P.O. Boxes or home addresses and must match the address on file for the organization.

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Donation Program Application

In 2018, we were pleased to donate nearly $750,000 worth of American Girl dolls to approximately 6,500 U.S. nonprofits that are dedicated to helping young children in need. We are grateful to all of the organizations that are making such a positive impact in their communities. We look forward to continuing to lend our support through our partnership with Good360 starting January 14, 2019.

2019 Donation Program FAQs

There have been administrative changes made to the Good360 American Girl Doll Donation Program. Please read the Frequently Asked Questions below.

How many dolls can I get?

Maximum is two per calendar year. This year, we’re pleased to allow qualified 501 (c)3 organizations to receive up to two dolls per calendar year. However, only one application will be accepted per group per year. Groups cannot ask for one doll in January and then a second in March.

How many dolls are being donated each year?

We’re pleased to share that we will be donating approximately 5,000 dolls (or $575,000 in retail value) through this program in 2019. This amount is in keeping with past donations, plus organizations can now request two dolls versus one in a calendar year.

Do I have to be a Good360 Member nonprofit to receive a doll?

No. However, Good360 membership is free to all 501 (c)3 organizations as well as other tax exempt charitable groups (schools and houses of worship). Membership allows groups to source a wide variety of product donations every year.

Is there an administrative fee?

Yes. In order to maintain this donation program for years to come, an administrative fee of $20 ($37 for two dolls) will be assessed to cover the costs of shipping and handling.

Why do I have to pay an administration fee?

Good360 is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that is now managing this donation program for American Girl, including the storage, shipping and handling of the product, and does not have the funds available to cover these administrative costs for the thousands of dolls to be donated. Good360 is not selling the dolls.

Can I choose the doll I want?

No. As always, we receive a predetermined mix of dolls to donate each year, so we’re unable to fulfill specific requests.

At what point do I make my payment?

After receiving your approval letter. Eligible groups will be directed to a special link to source their doll.

When will the program end?

April 15, 2019. However, the program may extend as needed until the allocated number of donations have been placed.

Can my doll be used for something other than a fundraiser?

No. The Good360 American Girl Doll Donation Program is a nonprofit fundraising initiative authorized by American Girl. This program operates approximately from January to April.

Will American Girl dolls be made available to distribute to individuals in need?

Yes. Good360 nonprofit members may source American Girl dolls through their online marketplace beginning in September 2019.

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