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Community Redistribution Partners

Did you know…

Good360 distributes goods out of more than 50 warehouses around the country?


Become A Community Redistribution Partner

We team up with community-based nonprofits who can receive large quantities of goods into their warehouses and distribute them to nonprofits locally. We call them Community Redistribution Partners (CRPs).

How Do They Work?

CRPs are community-based members of Good360’s nonprofit network. Our CRP members:

  • Serve as a Good360 regional hub for product donations.
  • Serve a network of vetted and qualified nonprofit members.
  • Operate a warehouse.
  • Receive and distribute truckload-sized donations.
  • Know where their product donations go.


Start by clicking on the highlighted states below.

Keep in mind the 50 mile nearby radius could be in a nearby state.

Interested in becoming a CRP?

Click the button below to fill out a quick form. 

Click on the states to the left to see our Community Redistribution Partners.

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