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Thanks to U.S. Lacrosse for Supporting Flint’s Kids





Crim Fitness Foundation has a goal to cultivate accessible, vibrant communities in Flint and Genesee County, Michigan encouraging people to lead healthy lifestyles by integrating physical activity, healthy eating, and mindfulness into their daily lives and mentors other communities to do the same.

Due to the impact of the Flint Water Crisis, the Crim Fitness Foundation expanded their Community Education programs to most of the public schools in the impacted area. These programs include mindfulness training, intramural sports and academic assistance. The children that were poisoned by the lead will need long-term care in order to combat the negative effects of lead that can affect their academic performance and overall health. Thanks to US Lacrosse and Good360, these children were provided athletic equipment that will be used to promote healthy living and will assist in combating the symptoms of lead poisoning. Because of this donation, children in Flint will be taught lacrosse, which may bring talented children to a sport that they did not have access to prior to the crisis. The Crim Fitness Foundation is incredibly grateful for US Lacrosse’s understanding of the importance of physical activity and how important it is to assist in the long-term recovery of the impacted children. Crim also appreciates Good360’s continued assistance while most of the media attention and donations stopped many months ago.



Tiffany Everett
Tiffany Everett

Tiffany is a dedicated nonprofit leader leveraging years of experience in program development and evaluation, promoting mission alignment and seeking new ways to engage the community to holistically serve individuals impacted by disaster. Tiffany received her Master’s in Public Health from the University of Virginia and a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology from the University of Maryland.

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