Glister Multi-action Fluoride Toothpaste

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    You will receive 40 150ml items, per order.

    One toothpaste does it all: whitens teeth; fights cavities; removes plaque; freshens breath; promotes remineralization; and prevents demineralization. All with regular brushing. Great for the whole family.

    • Multi-action fluoride toothpaste for the whole family.

    • Whitens teeth, fights cavities, removes plaque with regular brushing, safely cleans, and freshens breath.

    • Provides enamel-safe polishing.

    • Light, creamy, foaming formula leave teeth and mouth feeling clean and fresh.

    • Leaves teeth feeling clean and smooth all over.

    • Fits neatly in a purse, briefcase, or travel bag.

    Some are in boxes, some are not in boxes (just a tube of toothpaste).

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