Direct Truckload Program

Good360 has partnered with several large companies to donate their returned and excess inventory to nonprofits on a consistent basis. Every week, Good360 has full semi-truckloads that can be delivered directly to your location from:

Why would my organization be interested?

The products received by our nonprofits are incredibly valuable. These products serve the needs of communities everywhere and are delivered for just pennies compared to the costs needed to purchase these crucial items. For products from Costco, Walmart, The Home Depot and Grainger, all the items are either returns, excess, seasonal, or discontinued items so they’re still in new condition. And there is a wide variety of products to meet all needs. The Tempur-Pedic mattresses are totally re-manufactured mattresses – basically brand new!

We also receive one-time product donations that may include personal care products, clothing, cleaning supplies, furniture, art & crafts, and more. We offer these donations to our truckload groups first, so be sure to sign up for updates.

What’s in a truckload?

Brand Cost Per Truck Market Value Contents Restrictions/Notes
Walmart $7,000* $35,000-$75,000 Everything & Anything but food: toys, diapers, home goods, cleaning supplies and personal care, storage containers, etc. (over 7,000 items) Not available in California – must mark out bar codes
Grainger $4,250* $35,000-$90,000 Facility maintenance supplies: power and hand tools; ladders; plumbing supplies; safety equipment and supplies; equipment like compressors, heaters, air conditioners; Only available in the Western US
Tempur-Pedic $7,000 $150,000 – $350,000 80-120 Mattresses: Can be custom configured from twin to kings Takes 2-4 months to configure load
The Home Depot $3,800 TBD Home Improvements supplies: tools, flooring, wall tile, vanities, bathroom fixtures, window blinds, bathroom amenities, rugs, light fixtures, air filters Only available in the Western US

* Discounts available for multiple trailers ordered per month

One-Time Donation Offers

These one-time donations vary in value and cost is based on location. Examples of product include: personal care products, clothing, cleaning products, furniture, arts/crafts supplies, etc.

How do I become “truckload approved”?

The process for becoming truckload approved is not a complicated one. However, because of the value of the goods and the logistics required to accept and distribute such a large quantity, we do require additional vetting to ensure that your organization possesses the means to benefit from this program. All applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Own or lease a warehouse of 500 square feet or more
  • Have a loading dock at their warehouse and a pallet jack or fork lift
  • Unload the trucks within 2 hours of arrival at your dock (with enough volunteers the Tempur-Pedic truckloads may be unloaded by hand and we will consider this on a case-by-case basis)
  • Meet an annual revenue threshold and provide some basic financial information to assure Good360 and our corporate partners that you have the ability to purchase these products and then give the contents away to recipients

How does the process work?

If you meet the requirements above, we invite you to apply for special truckload approval on our application page. Once approved within our system, you can visit our market place and select the trailer you’d like to order, add to cart, and checkout. Good360 will contact after your order is placed and notify you with an estimated time frame for delivery. For Tempur-Pedic, all loads are built once the configuration (all singles, all kings, a mix, etc.) has been requested so those requests get added to the queue and delivery occurs within 2-4 months.

As an approved truckload group, your organization will begin to receive email notices on new one-time, unique truckload donation offers, such as personal care products, clothing, cleaning products, furniture, arts/crafts supplies, etc.  These are available on a first come, first served basis.

Best Practices for Truckload Donations

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