Good360 | Community works with Good360 to help Survivors in Beaumont, TX

Community works with Good360 to help Survivors in Beaumont, TX

It is difficult to neatly categorize all the ways in which a hurricane can cause destruction. Even in events like Hurricane Harvey, defined for some by the 27 trillion gallons of rain that flooded homes across the coastal communities of Texas, flood water was just a portion of the damage. Many regions received no flooding but sustained heavy wind damage. Other regions received both. For homeowners in those regions, hurricane damage was especially devastating. While flood waters swept away their belongings, heavy winds destroyed their roofs and allowed heavy rain to damage portions of their home that otherwise would not have been impacted.

Ray Winfield  was one of those survivors affected by both heavy rain and wind. A resident of Beaumont, TX, Ray’s home was inundated with several inches of flood water which damaged the walls and ground-level portions of his home. In addition to that, heavy rain and wind severely damaged his roof and walls, allowing rain into his home and damaging or destroying furniture and other belongings. As an elderly member of the community, it was difficult for Mr. Winfield to affect his recovery on his own. However, his community was blessed by the involvement of St. Vincent de Paul Disaster Services.

As one of Good360’s closest partners, St. Vincent de Paul Disaster Services has been on the ground providing outsized relief through their House in a Box ® program for as long as survivors have been ready to move back into their homes. This program provides survivors with essential pieces of furniture to restore their home. The Boxes include beds, dressers, couches and other items that provide survivors with immense relief from the added cost of replacing furniture after repairing their homes.

The House in a Box ® program is funded by St. Vincent de Paul but also relies on donations from Good360 partners like IKEA and Sleep Number. Corporations like these understand the immense need following large and small natural disasters, but more importantly, they understand the timed and tailored approach required to make disaster recovery as effective as possible. Good360 is privileged to be a part of bringing these elements together. Elizabeth Disco-Shearer, CEO of the Disaster Services Corporation of St. Vincent de Paul, had this to say about the House in a Box ® program:

“The Disaster Services Corporation, Society of St Vincent de Paul USA is so grateful to Good360 for helping us to supplement our House in a Box (R) Program with donated goods. DSC SVDP-USA spends up to $3500 buying new furniture in increments of four household members, by having the support of Good360, we can stretch our donated dollars and serve more families with their disaster recovery.”

Good360 is happy to be able to bring companies like IKEA and Sleep Number together with organizations like Disaster Services Corporation of St. Vincent de Paul to support the House in a Box ® program. We are committed to continuing our work in support of Hurricane Harvey recovery and supporting the important and impactful projects that our partners develop


Good360’s mission is to transform lives by providing hope, dignity, and a sense of renewed possibility to individuals, families, and communities impacted by disasters or other challenging life circumstances who, without us, would struggle to find that hope.​ GOODS FOR THE GREATER GOOD.

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