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Young Mothers Receive Diaper Donations After California Wildfires 

Organization: Jake’s Diapers, Inc.
Lives Impacted: 145 
Donor: KEEN Totes

As Told to Good360 by Jake’s Diapers, Inc. 

Jake’s Diapers, Inc located in Kaukauna, WI, is a global nonprofit that distributes hope and dignity to families lacking necessities during times of needWe are a national diaper bank that impacts the lives of over 3,000 babies in 16 countries.  Since April 2013, we have been providing the basic need of cloth diapers to less fortunate families living in extreme poverty. Together with our donors, volunteers and diaper drops, we increase self-sufficiency so families can thrive. 

The one-year anniversary of the Carr Fire, a disaster that impacted Redding and California communities nearby, was last month. Looking back, we wanted to say thank you to KEEN and Good360 for helping impact the lives of over 145 children with complete kits of cloth diapers and products. Families appreciated that they could hold their diaper kits, cloth diapers and other items while their children were potty training amid the devastation. This donation helped mothers and families keep their babies dry while they looked for shelter and food in the Redding community. 

One of the mothers said, “Our community’s been through a lot in a year. A year ago, this town was a very harrowing and frightening place to be, and so we want to honor what we’ve been through by recognizing the really amazing generosity, compassion and grit of the whole community.” Thank you again Good360 for your partnerships with donors like KEEN and your long-term efforts in disaster recovery.  

Shari Rudolph
Shari Rudolph

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