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Women’s Clothing Brings Relief and Self-Esteem to Bakersfield 

Organization: Kern Bridges Youth Home
Lives Impacted: 100+
Website: http://kernbridges.com  

Kern Bridges Youth Home, located in Bakersfield, CA, is a center for children who are struggling from abandonment or abuse. They are either homeless or have absentee parents, leaving them feeling rejected. Their parents, enveloped in their own problems of substance abuse, domestic violence and mental illness, have made these children feel as though they deserve the neglect and the abuse they have suffered. Our mission is to provide responsive solutions and trauma-informed care to Kern County’s vulnerable children by providing safe homes and accessible services, and by engaging in ongoing quality improvement. 

This donation came at a great time because we were able to give back to those who did not have proper clothes for jobs, school or everyday activities. We received 75 boxes with over 2200 pieces of clothing, including skirts, dresses, pants, blouses and jackets/blazers which helped provide outfits for over 100 women. All of our recipients left in better spirits and with a boost to their confidence and self-image. When the ladies walked out with their new clothes, they had huge smiles on their faces. There was still so much left over for the other women, they felt overwhelmed by the choices.  

One family had lost everything to a fire, which jumped from the house next door, and have been trying to make ends meet since their loss. These grandparents were raising two girls and were not sure how they were going to get new clothes in time for school.  The clothing donation came as a blessing to the grandmother, who was desperately in need of things for her granddaughters. She said it was a dream come true and left feeling just a little bit more relieved about the coming school year. Thank you to Good360 for helping us give back to families and special children in need. 


Stephane Moulec

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