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Women Proudly Wear Clothing From J.Jill




Unbridled Change, in Boonesville, VA, provides equine (horse-related) assisted mental health therapy to women and children who have suffered from abuse. We provide a safe and empowering environment for our clients to find their way back to who the truly are — body, mind, and spirit! Each one of our clients has a resilient spirit full of joy and love. Sometimes we just need a little extra support to believe in ourselves and our voice. Unbridled Change aims to provide that support!

Many times, our clients leave their house in the middle of the night, leaving behind all possessions that they have. When they come to therapy with us, they are usually staying at a shelter or a family member’s house. They have made a tough decision to leave their abuser who has often taken their dignity, their voice, and their pride. They feel stripped of all self-respect and possessions.

We are often able to gather gently used children’s clothing and women’s t-shirts and pants, but any dress clothes we received are rarely in good condition or in style. The items that we received from J.Jill were brand new, high quality, and very stylish. We built a rack at our facility that holds the new items. It is set up to look like a mini clothing store, complete with a full-length mirror. Women can look through the selection and pick out their favorite outfit. This allows them to rebuild their wardrobe, one piece at a time.

For these women, receiving new clothes is more exciting than accepting a bag of assorted used items because they can proudly tell people that they picked it out themselves. The clothes have given them back a sense of hope. They now have something to wear to church or to court. The ability to let these ladies pick out new clothes for free is a tremendous gift from you!

Although we are unable to share photos of the women (to protect their privacy), I can assure you it was amazing to see. Many women were crying and telling us how pretty they felt. Please continue to find ways to share your wonderful clothes with communities like ours! Every little item, no matter how small, can help someone heal.

Website: www.unbridledchange.org

Shari Rudolph
Shari Rudolph

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