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Walmart Donation Provided Houston Residents with Household Goods

Organization: Living Water International Apostolic Ministries
Lives Impacted: 500
Donor: Walmart

As Told to Good360 by Living Water International Apostolic Ministries

Living Water International Apostolic Ministries, located in Houston, TX, is a nonprofit organization established in 2002 devoted to making a difference in our community. We are a ministry founded on faith, helping encourage fellowship of integrity and responsibility. We serve our community with love and worship in the spirit of holiness for healing, deliverance, discipleship and worshipping in the spirit of excellence and integrity.Thank to this donation from Walmart, we were able to help resolve some financial issues for individuals and families that can’t afford certain items they need. This is especially prevalent with appliances and clothes that are needed year around. Most clients will often have very few clothes towear, and what they do have is wore down. Recipients need the goods they pick up and rely on us to provide them. Clients tell us how much the donated item helped them in their household that otherwise would’ve gone without appliances, shelves, blinds andfurnishings. Thanks to us they can pick up the item they need and keep their money for more important things like utilities.We have two clients that happen to be sisters who live together. The older sister takes care of her younger sister since she suffers from a mental illness. They are a pleasure to have every time they come to our pantry and have thanked us numerous occasions for not only the food items we give out, but also the donated goods they received, from clothing to small appliances. Thank you,Walmart and Good360 for helping us provide the best care for our community.

Shari Rudolph
Shari Rudolph

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